Marusya is an authentic Russian restaurant that boasts truly European service where dishes that you have loved since childhood are served in gourmet style.  Marusya represents the familiar image of a Russian girl who is gentle, thoughtful, and beloved…

Who is this girl?

Marusya is a new restaurant with home-style cuisine. Behind the name is an actual person, a girl named Marusya, whom we met during one of our trips to Europe. This encounter was truly momentous and proved everything in life happens for a reason. Obviously, Marusya is Russian, probably too Russian for foreigners because of her background. She was brought up in the USSR and still remembers the taste of the home-cooked Russian meals of her childhood. When we had dinner together, we talked about our childhood memories: what types of cereals were served in our kindergartens, what food we had when we got together, and why our grandmas’ pastries were far better than our moms’. Eventually, we realized that we desperately needed pirozhki, Russian soups, homemade salads, many types of jam, and so on. That’s how the idea of Marusya was born!

… where is she?

We needed to find a place which would reflect the concept and spirit of the restaurant. So, we created Marusya on the site of the café Keramika, which used to be one of the most popular cafés in Volgograd in Soviet times. Marusya is located at 1 Alleya Geroyev.

What does she offer?

For breakfast, Marusya serves you homestyle curd-fritters garnished with sour cream and homemade jam. For lunch, you can get fragrant cabbage soup with fresh herbs, chicken Kiev cutlets, and delicious pastries. Would you like homemade meat or cherry dumplings? Marusya will be happy to prepare them for you. Also, for a special occasions, Marusya will do more than its best: we will bake a whole grass carp with vegetables and quail roasted on an open fire.

How does she greet you?

At Marusya’s home we are always happy to see guests looking for a bite to it. The ambiance of the restaurant has been created to provide for pleasant meals and conversation. Soft couches with pillows invite you to lounge with a glass of wine after a delicious meal. Tables and sections of the restaurant vary to accommodate parties of all sizes. If you have kids, we invite youngsters of all ages to our play zone where they can run around while you enjoy your meal.  At Marusya, we have done everything to make you feel comfortable and happy here!

Olesya and Alexander Grishin 



by phone (8442) 59-59-24